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*Stockists of all Hunting and Firearm Supplies and Accessories*

As well as Training from A - Z

We are located in the BKB Building in North End, Port Elizabeth.

We are happy to see to all your Hunting, Hunters clothing,

Training & Re-Licencing needs in the Eastern Cape.

We also repair and sell firearms. We have a wide variety of ammunition and accessories.

Gunsmithing -- Hunting Supplies -- Accessories

Gunsmithing     Hunting Supplies     Acc, Cloth Shoe

Gunsmith & Reloading

We have a workshop on our premises where we repair and custom build firearms.

We also offer courses on reloading of ammunition.


Hunting Supplies

Our aim is to supply you with whatever ammunition you may need for your specific firearm.

We also have hunting licences in the shop.This saves one from going to the government dept to get this.


Shoes & Clothes

We have a wide variety of camo clothes we get from 'Sniper' and 'Promark'.  As well as shoes from Wolverine and Arabest.  'Selke' is our supplier for superb leather products.


The Shop

North End Port Elizabeth

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